I Don’t Cry A Lot, But Seeing The Dog’s Reaction To His Veteran Owner Return From War. OMG

It is amazing to see the love between a dog and his owner. Though they are just animals, many people would say, they really do show themselves to be more than that. They seem to be just as capable of love and emotions as are humans. The reaction of this dog to his owner returning from the armed forces is absolutely heartwarming. He is just so visibly excited and cannot stop rolling around in happiness and wagging his tail to see his best friend return home.

After the soldier and the dog are on the ground for a while, with the soldier rubbing the dog’s belly, the soldier gets up, and the dog immediately gets up and jumps on him. Clearly, he is just so thrilled that his best friend is back, and he just can’t get enough contact with him.

This soldier must be so happy to see his furry friend waiting for him when he gets home. Clearly, he must have had a lot of hardship to deal with when he was away, as this is just part of military life, but it seems that it might just have all been worth it, because he is now reunited with his best friend. His best friend cannot be happier to see him, and they will get to play together and have fun anytime they both want from now on.

It is always simply wonderful to see just how happy dogs are when their owners return home from military life.

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