VIDEO: No One Told Her The Camera Was Rolling. What It Captured Gave Me Goosebumps, WOW!

The world will always remember Whitney Houston. She was one of the most talented singers that ever existed. Her voice was not only incredibly beautiful, but incredibly powerful as well.

Sadly, she passed away far too young, and was not able to give the world all of the music that she possibly could have. However, there are people who sound quite a bit like her now and can perhaps help preserve her legacy in a wonderful way, as they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Rachel was a 14 year old girl who lived in St. Louis. She did not know at all that the camera was on when she started singing, but everyone who has seen this video can easily say they are pretty grateful that it was. She starts singing Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You.” Her voice is very captivating from the beginning. She starts out softly, but starting at about 1:37, she starts singing with the same power that Houston was known for and really starts belting out the words.

She is only 14 years old, and it is already obvious that she has an amazing singing future ahead of her if that is what she wants for herself. She may just end up being the next Whitney Houston. This would be an amazing homage to the late singer’s memory, especially considering that her singing debut as caught on a camera phone was of one of Houston’s most famous and beloved songs.

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