VIDEO: This Fox Pinned Down An Old Man. But When I Saw Why I Couldn’t Stop Smiling!

Sometimes, the wild in an animal is only wild until somebody or something comes along and loves the wild right out of it. Such is the case with Cropper, the red fox.

This video shows the unique relationship betwee Croppers and his best friend and human companion named Mike Trowler. Trowler is a resident of Kent, England, where he found the red fox several years ago. Cropper had been injured after getting into a fight with a dog.

Instead of walking away from the situation, Trowler took the wild animal in and nursed it back to health after it almost died from a condition known as Toxoplasmosis. This is a parasitic disease caused by a parasite found in meat or water that has come in contact with animal fecal matter.

What Trowler did was more than a good deed for a wild animal. It was the start of a relationship between man and a beast that is sure to last a lifetime. As the video shows, the two have become inseparable in everything they do.

There have been many stories through the years about the appreciation shown to man by wild animals that have been rescued from distressful situations. It turns out that some wild animals are not quite as wild as people have been led to believe.

For Cropper, his new life with Mike Trowler has to be a big step up from scavenging the streets for rodents and food waste. In Croppers travels several years ago, he found out man is not be feared as well.

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