VIDEO: His Mom Told Him To Take A Seat, His Reaction Is Perfectly Hilarious!

Many people think that Roombas are old news. They are still cool, but they have been out for a long time, and frankly people are more impressed by newer gadgets that have been released since then. However, once you watch this clip, you will see that they can actually be part of something that is worth watching over and over.

America’s Funniest Home Videos showed this clip, and it became very popular. Basically, an absolutely adorable little boy is in his pajamas, and his mom lets him sit on the robotic vacuum cleaner as it moves around the house. The little boy is clearly having a ton of fun while just riding around on the Roomba.

Anyone who has spent a lot of time around babies knows that they are easily entertained. Their parents buy them expensive toys, yet they can keep themselves busy and engaged all day banging on pots and pans. However, the Roomba seems to be much more entertaining to this boy than the pots and pans would be.

Close to the end of the clip, he starts to move out of the sight of the camera, and he waves goodbye to his mother. This just makes what was already a ridiculously cute video even cuter.

If you are a parent of a small child and looking for a way to combine cleaning and entertaining your child, this just may be it. You can buy a Roomba and create adorable moments and memories in your own home.

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