VIDEO: This Bride Can’t Believe What Her Dad Is About To Do. So Emotional!!

The father daughter relationship is a very special one. Fathers are very protective of their little girls, and this lasts even after their little girls have all grown up. For this reason, it is often very hard for fathers to let go when their daughters get married. However, there is the father daughter dance, which is a very memorable moment for the both of them.

This father daughter dance is a particularly touching one, not just for them, but for anyone watching the video. He decides to surprise his daughter by, instead of dancing with her to the song that had already been chosen, singing a song that he had written for her. The bride’s eyes are obviously welling up with tears as she listens to this beautiful song and amazingly loving gesture from her father on her wedding day.

Every family has certain memories that they will remember forever, and this moment is sure to be one of them for this family. This bride will forever remember that her father loved her enough to do something so special on the day that she was getting married, and she will always remember how she felt when she realized that he was not going to abide by the regular tradition and was going to create his own instead.

It is an absolutely amazing moment to watch, and anyone, even people who do not know the bride and her father, will find it to be a truly beautiful and tear inducing moment.

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