VIDEO: He Patiently Waits For His Bride, When The Door Opens, The Entire Room Gasps

Three years ago, a young woman named Jennifer Darmon was in an accident in a van. The van was nearly totaled and Darmon received a terrible spinal cord injury. Her boyfriend at the time, Mike Belawetz, could have left her, but he didn’t.

Instead, he traveled for miles three times a week to visit her in physical therapy, and the two made plans to get married. Darmon didn’t want to roll down the aisle in a wheelchair; she wanted to walk. So, that’s the goal she focused on in physical therapy. She even put on a wedding gown to practice for her big day.

Although she was seriously injured, she vowed that she would be successful. Finally, last week, her big day arrived. The song playing was “Walk With You” by Edwin McCain when the door at the back of the church opened. Darmon came walking steadily down the aisle, with her father supporting her on one side and her brother on the other. The inspirational drama wasn’t over yet.

After exchanging vows together at the altar, Belawetz picked up his bride and carried her down the aisle. Later, all eyes were on the couple as they shared the first dance together at the reception. With her new husband’s support, Darmon has come a long way since the terrible day she was pulled out of the van and expected never to walk again.

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