A Security Camera Shows Her Give Away Her Child To A Stranger. Her Reason? I Am Speechless

A toddler in Perth, Australia is alive and well today, thanks to the quick-thinking intervention of a caring stranger. Security camera footage shows a distraught mother rushing to the checkout lane of a grocery store, holding her unresponsive child in her arms.

After handing the limp, seemingly lifeless toddler to two concerned customers, the mother rushes from the store and returns minutes later with the child’s father, who breaks down as he sees his daughter lifeless and unresponsive. As onlookers scramble to call emergency services, the frantic parents pace nearby while the couple in the checkout lane tries to revive the small child.

Turning the toddler upside down and administering blows to her back fails to bring results, so in a last ditch effort to bring the little girl back to life, the tattooed stranger begins administering CPR. As those nearby try to comfort the distressed parents, the man administers a number of short breaths to the little girl, and after several agonizing seconds, the two year old can be seen beginning to move and to open her eyes as the stranger’s lifesaving efforts take effect.

As onlookers weep and cheer with relief, the toddler’s father sweeps the man who saved his daughter’s life into a heartfelt embrace.

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