VIDEO: Everyone Said Her Pitbull Couldn’t Be Trusted. Then This Happened. I’m In love!

It’s often the little things that pets do that make their owners smile and give them praise. Dogs can be man’s best friend, and they can also be one of the smartest animals to own if you know how to train them.

This woman told her pit bull to sit. The dog listened, but there was something else that made the woman smile about what the dog did after the command was given.

Many pit bulls have been given a bad reputation because a lot of people use them for fighting. However, if raised correctly, pit bulls can be very loving and protective. During this video, there are some pit bulls that demonstrate how smart they are and how much they aren’t the violent dogs that some think. The last clip in the video shows the true love and affection that these dogs can show their owners.

The dogs like to cuddle with people and other animals. They get outside to play in the snow, rain and sun. They care for other dogs, and they make sure their owners know that they love them. Some of them can turn lights on and off, but mostly, they are obedient and give a life of laughter and friendship to their owners.

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