Watch Koreans Eat American Junk Food For The First Time. This Left Tears In My Eyes — LOL!

For most Americans, eating junk food is second nature. Whether it’s a small bag of chips or a few cookies, junk food is almost a staple in cabinets across America. This video captures a group of people in South Korea as they try junk food for the first time, and the expressions are priceless.

After watching the people in the video eat the food, there is a chance that you might not want to eat it again. There are a few girls in the video, and they sit down at a table to try a few foods that are among popular snacks in America. These items range from salt and vinegar chips to Rice Krispies.

They have never had these foods, and they might not eat them again based on what they say about some of the things they put in their mouth. They smell the foods first to see if they might like them before putting the foods in their mouth. One of them calls a Pop-Tart artificial.

They try Goldfish crackers and want to know what they are because of the shape. They seem to enjoy them. They have no idea what a Pop-Tart is and think it tastes like it’s bad for the body. One of the foods that almost all of them didn’t like was Twizzlers.

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