VIDEO: She Walks Onto The Stage In A Cage, When She Starts To Move… I Am Glued To The Screen

Why do we let ourselves get pigeonholed into a certain kind of dancing? For example, we often think of great dancing as the type of moves you see on the dance club floor or the latest music video. Of course, these types of dances are great. Not everyone can break dance or pull off the latest music video moves. However, sometimes it is worth it to take the time and view a video of just how unique and artistic a dance performance can be.

The latest video to do just that involves a dancer from Russia. Her name is Diana Vishneva. On her video, you see a shadowy image quietly take the stage. Once she comes into view, it appears like she is trapped inside of a cage. You begin to get the impression the performance might have a little bit of kinkiness.

However, the idea of college fraternity boys being entertained by the performance quickly vanishes as soon as Vishneva begins to twirl. Suddenly, the bars of her cage twirl and rise upwards. It is quickly apparent that her “cage” is really an elaborate headdress with over a dozen weighted ribbons hanging towards the floor. This beautiful hat then becomes the centerpiece of a dizzying dancing performance.

Many viewers have stated they became dizzy just watching Vishneva doing all that spinning in her dance. The whole performance lasts a wondrous five and a half minutes. It’s clear that Vishneva has a mastery of dance and craftsmanship with her beautiful headdress. Check out the video below!

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