VIDEO: Yorkie Pup Sees The Baby Sleeping, But Something Just Isn’t Right. So She Does This…

Dogs are sometimes very attentive of the children who are in the home. This Yorkie puppy likes to watch the baby of the family. The baby is sleeping soundly in a car seat with a blanket at the feet. The baby also has a pacifier in the mouth. The puppy wants to make sure the baby is comfortable, so it does something adorable.

The parents noticed that the small dog was walking around the car seat and giving a little more attention than usual to the baby, so they decided to start recording. It looks like the dog wanted the baby to be a little warmer or feel more secure in the car seat.

The dog uses it’s mouth to bring the blankets around the baby until the baby is tucked securely inside. The baby doesn’t move a muscle. The dog might not have intentionally realized that the baby wanted the blankets, but it still made a nice attempt at showing that it cares for the baby and will protect the child.

Babies shouldn’t be left alone with dogs, but the parents of the baby were in the room, which is how the loving moment was captured. This looks to be a friendship that will last for quite some time.

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