VIDEO: They Pointed To Where They Live, And I Felt Bad. Then They Took Me Inside. So Jealous!

Lasqueti is an Island that is located about an hour from Vancouver, British Columbia. It is estimated that 400 people live on this island. These people are living completely off the grid. They do not have any electricity. They also do not use any alternative energy sources. Additionally, they do not have any plumbing, modern appliances or grocery stores.

It is easy for people to make assumptions about the type of person who would want to live on this Island. However, Lasqueti is home to a diverse group of people. Physicists, artist, writers, designers and tree planters are examples of some of the people who call Lasqueti home.

Interestingly, the people who live on this island are also among the most educated people in Lasqueti. It makes sense because in order to survive without modern technology, you will have to be a very savvy. The people who live on this island are just as unique as the island itself. They come to the island from different parts of the world, and they all come for different reasons.

While many people would assume that someone is crazy because they want to live like this, these people prove that you really do not need a lot to be happy. There is a video online showing how people on this island live and make do with what they have.

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