He Takes Cheese And Dumps It Into A Rice Coker. You Won’t Find An Easier More Delicious Recipe

Mac & Cheese is an American classic, that simple concoction of pasta, butter and cheese treating millions upon millions with a hearty meal. There’s a reason it comes in so many forms. There are the ready to make boxed versions that you boil on a stove.

There are the Easy Macs that college kids live on where all you need to do is simply plop one in a microwave oven with some water for a few minutes. If you look hard enough, you’ll find a few in the frozen foods section of your local supermarket. They are all macaroni and cheese – that’s for sure – but there are degrees of cheesy goodness and it’s the homemade variety that remains on top.

That’s why mac & cheese prepared with a rice cooker is such an awesome dish. It’s quick, simple, but still delicious. All you need is 2 cups elbow macaroni, 2 cups of water, 1 teaspoon of koser salt. Pour that into a rice cooker and set it to 30 minutes.

Next, is the cheese. Stir up 1 can of evaporated milk, 3/4 cups of processed cheese, 3/4 cups of – of course – cheddar cheese, and half a teaspoon of black pepper. After the 30 minutes is done, mix in your cheese into the pasta, then set the rice cooker to the warm setting for 10 minutes. 10 minutes later, you’ll have an incredibly delicious home-cooked blend of easy, cheesy macaroni made for the whole family.

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