VIDEO: She Asks Her Little Man A Question. How He Responds? Dogs Are The Best. LOL!

Dog owners often have a unique bond, but imagine if they could actually speak in conversation with their human counterparts? This little Pitbull pup may be unable to speak English, but he can certainly respond to his owner’s questions!

“Are you a good boy?” a woman’s voice asks.

The pup responds by moving his head up and down. With a curt little wag of his tail, the loveable pooch also responds vocally.

To prove that the incident was not just a matter of timing or enticing the dog, the owner continued to film as she asked the puppy more questions.

“Do you want a cookie?”

The dog nods his head left to right, shakes his tail, and grunts.

But it doesn’t stop there. The woman that owns the amazing animal filmed several other question and answer sessions with the dog as further proof of the canine’s intelligence. The dog responds in a “yes or no” manner to each question by shaking his head, wagging his tail, and by grunting or barking.

Pitbulls have traditionally been misrepresented as dogs that are naturally aggressive in nature. This video simply helps to ascertain that like most dogs, Pitbulls most often have the demeanor in which they were raised and trained to display.

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