VIDEO: This Was Just Another Plain Cake Until She Took A Slice. On The Inside? STUNNING!

On the outside, this cake looks quite normal; however, when you cut into it, you will see a rainbow of color. Even though a lot of people have seen this type of cake before, it is still a surprise to see one. It is also surprising how easy they really are to make.

If you want a cake with six colors on the inside, you can start by preparing the batter for the amount of cake that you want. You can start out with normal cake mix, and make the batter. Then, separate it into six smaller bowls, and use food coloring to make each bowl of batter whatever color you would like.

Then, evenly distribute the batter into small cake pans, into layers that are about one inch thick. Then, cool off all of your layers completely on a wire rack; it is important that they are completely cool. Make sure all of the layers are completely the same height, and there is no brown on any of them (you can use a knife to trim them here).

Use circle cutters to cut circles out of each layer, and mix and match as desired (after spreading a layer of frosting on the insides of each one. Put the layers on top of one another, with frosting in between each one, and then coat the entire cake with frosting.

When you cut it open, you will see a lot of color, and it will make the cake fun and delightful!

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