VIDEO: They Wanted to Ban This Ad For Being Too Risque, But Wait Until You See It. OH MY!

Breast cancer is a serious health issue for women, today more than ever. That’s why the Rethink Breast Cancer campaign brings levity and fun to the subject along with vital information, using hot guys in their commercials and smart phone apps to educate women about risks and prevention in a way that appeals to the ladies.

The free Man Reminder app sends messages and videos of sexy dudes that remind women to self check every month with the well demonstrated “TLC” (touch, look, check) method as well as deliver pertinent information like how diet and exercise can decrease your risk for breast cancer.

Even app update information is conveyed by a shirtless, oiled up slab of abs wandering down a corridor of similarly muscled eye candy. The app also has other perks, like sending your friends “mannagrams” to spread this important message and hottie resource to even more women. A variety of fit fellas make sure the audience keeps coming back for more…life saving breast cancer prevention tips.

In a media landscape dominated by half naked women selling everything from beer to tires to men, it’s nice to see women’s perspectives being considered by advertisers to convey a message that can save lives.

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