He Tosses His Mail Into The Microwave Then Puts In 20 Seconds And Hits Start. The Reason? Whoa!

You won’t believe what these brilliant have come up with. We all know that microwaves are awesome for heating up leftovers or a quick snack, bringing pastries back to life, and disinfecting kitchen utensils like cutting boards. However, as great as microwaves are, you probably didn’t know this crazy trick that can do in almost no time that saves you money:

Imagine a time when you were sending a letter, but put the wrong address or even spelled the recipient’s name wrong. Now, of course, you’ve not only wasted a stamp, but your time and money.

Stamps aren’t getting any cheaper these days, and many transactions require a physical letter. You might be saying, “I’ll would just grab a new envelope,” but what if it was your only stamp?! You could be sending that mail to an important client, or paying a bill that would otherwise be late. Either situation is no good, and you need a solution!

That’s where this useful trick comes in. Simply apply water to the stamp, place the mail in the microwave for about 20 seconds, and the stamp should peel right off. Then, simply address the new envelope, add the stamp, and you’re good to go! Crazy, huh? It turns out that a microwave is good for more than a quick meal.

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