VIDEO: Their Newborn Pup Bravely Walks Up To Their Cat. The Result? OMG! SO CUTE!

Cats and dogs are notorious enemies, as anyone knows if they listen to old wives tales. Though it may be true that these pets might take a little time to get comfortable with each other, they truly can get along. A family brought home a new puppy, but the cat does not seem thrilled to see it at first.

He swipes at the dog, but does not catch it. The puppy got tired of waiting for the cat to introduce himself, so he decided to move closer to his new friend. After only moments, the dog climbs on the cat’s back as if to say, “You can’t leave me and I won’t let you.”

The dog nips at the cat’s ear as the cat wags his tail back and forth denoting that he may not mind the attention so much. He then tries to slide away but the dog will not let him. By the end of the video, the cat relents and lays there enjoying the fact that, since the dog is licking him, he will not have to bathe himself.

In a day and age where prejudice is ripe all across the United States, it is nice to see two different breeds of animals getting along so well. If only human beings just gave it a few minutes to get to know their neighbors, the world might be a better place. Everyone can learn great lessons from pets that learn to love through the barriers of breeds.

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