VIDEO: As Soon As This Piano Player Heard Her Open Her Mouth, They Nearly Lost All Control. OMG

Wow! You may have heard of the up-and-coming young singer and vocalist named Charice. She has been mentored for years by legendary songwriter and producer David Foster. That being said, she has truly become a well-respected vocalist in her own right.

She is, perhaps, one of the most promising vocalists of her generation and a highly circulated video shows exactly why. In a recent video Charice joins David Foster on stage to sing a classic favorite “All By Myself.” This song is particularly known in the music industry for being very difficult to sing, as the notes vary widely and only singers with an incredible strong and expansive vocal range are able to cover the spread.

If you weren’t already impressed by Charice, give this video just a few moments. She begins the number performing with not only an absolutely stunning voice, but incredible emotion. Her passion to perform is immediately evident. Just a few second into the song her incredible performance and vocal capability gave me pure goosebumps. It was unlike any live performance I had ever seen.

It is incredible to see someone who has truly found her calling and is excelling in the role. The best part of the video was to see the true awe and perhaps sense of pride flush over the face of musical legend David Foster.

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