VIDEO: He Did Something Very Weird To His Hot Dog. After Seeing Why, I Had To Try It. The Result?

Whether you have children or simply want to do something different with the look of your food, cutting your hot dog wieners into a spiral design might offer a little bit of enthusiasm at the dinner table.

It only takes a few minutes to cut wieners in this shape, and it might make your children eat more at a meal instead of eating junk food through the day. This method also gives a different look to the grill.

When you take the hot dogs out of a pack, you will insert a skewer into each hot dog. You will use a knife to start making cuts on the hot dog. Hold the knife at a slight angle, and start cutting at one end. You will cut the hot dog all the way down the skewer until you reach the other end.

Don’t cut all the way through, and roll the hot dog as you cut. Remove the skewer after you are done cutting, and you will see that you have a spiral. When you cut a hot dog like this, it decreases the cooking time and ensures that the center of the meat gets cooked through. It also helps all of the toppings stay in one place as they will settle in the crevices of the spiral.

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