VIDEO: This Dog Has Trouble Doing This One Very Simple Thing And It’s HILARIOUS.

There have often been times when infant pets have struggled to stay awake. They often become so tired that they begin to fall to one side or the other while fighting the urge to get some shuteye.

For some reason the young German Shepherd puppy in this video can’t seem to understand that he can lay down and nap at his owner’s side. His owner is dressed in all camouflage so it is a safe assumption that the man is a soldier and his pup is his canine companion.

The two are sitting outside on a green lawn in front of a white building. The pup decides to fight sleep and sway side to side instead of taking an obviously much needed nap. Each time he nods off to one side his eyes slowly begin to close and his ears begin to droop slowly downward toward the ground. He quickly jerks himself awake and sits back at attention only to nod off yet again.

This leaves his owner and, what can only be assumed as, his friends in fits of quiet laughter at his canine companion’s refusal to simply nap while they wait. One can only assume that the young dog eventually takes a nap once the video is over. It is obvious that the German Shepherd puppy is not going to be able to stay awake any longer.

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