WATCH: She Saw Him Dump A Bag In Her Trash Can. When She Looked Inside Her Heart Broke

WATCH: She Saw Him Dump A Bag In Her Trash Can. When She Looked Inside Her Heart Broke

An unidentified man made a disgusting contribution to the trash can of a Sioux Falls woman. The woman (whose name has not yet been released to the public) observed from her window as the man drove up to her home, deposited a bag into her garbage container, then sped off into the night.

Curious as to what the object could be, the woman walked out into the freezing cold South Dakota night to investigate. What she discovered in her trash can was a heartbreaking surprise: Six brand new puppies, all of them less than two weeks old. The man had simply gathered them up and discarded them like trash. Luckily, the woman had a heart of gold, and went into action to rescue the poor abandoned puppies.

She immediately contacted the Sioux Falls Humane Society. Thanks to her speedy rescue, the puppies are now in good health, growing stronger every day. Local police have yet to discover the identity of the man who committed this act.

According to the woman’s description, the man is of either Latino or Native American origins. If the perpetrator of this ugly deed is discovered, he may very well face charges of animal cruelty and abandonment. Hopefully, other witnesses will come forward in this case. In the meantime, the puppies are alive and getting ready to be adopted into good homes. Thankfully, a woman with a heart of gold was able to discover them in time, so that this story was able to have a happy ending.

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