VIDEO: When Her Boyfriend Refuses To Kiss Her On Camera, She Does Something HILARIOUS

What’s a girl to do with a boyfriend fail when it’s time for a public display of affection? Find a willing participant, of course. The Kiss Cam proves that sports fans love PDAs, at least in the context of monster sized screens and surprise taps on the shoulder from whichever camera operator takes great pleasure in putting people on the spot.

The Kiss Cam elicits cheers and whistles from the crowd every time it rolls out. It’s fifteen minutes of fame for lucky game fans that doesn’t even take a full fifteen minutes. How’s that for value? Only in this case, on-the-spot appears to be exactly the way this guy with the smart phone and tickets to the New York Nicks felt, if he even bothered to notice what his girlfriend was trying to tell him at all.

He paid for his reticence – or lack of attentiveness – in a big way when his lady love took matters into her own – lips.

Her ability to save a potentially embarrassing situation and maximize screen time should be lauded by all who would strike a blow for smart phone widows everywhere. At least someone on-screen and of the male persuasion enjoyed a lip-warming moment.

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