41% Of GOP Americans Support Building A Wall On The Canadian Border

41% Of  GOP Americans Support Building A Wall On The Canadian Border

A recent Bloomberg Politics National Poll showed that not only do 41% of the people who answered the poll think that there should be a wall between the United States and Mexico, but also that there should be one between the U.S. and Canada.

The reason that the poll included this in the first place was because Wisconsin governor Scott Walker suggested it a few weeks ago, making himself seem more ridiculous than Donald Trump.

A wall at the Mexican border is a bad enough idea. It would unnecessarily strain U.S. relations with Mexico and make things harder for anyone whose business takes them across the border. But a wall at the Canadian border is even more preposterous, seeing as any problem with illegal immigration that the U.S. has with Mexico is not the same with Canada, and the popular Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump does not harbor the same resentment towards Canadians as he does towards the Latino population.

Any wall takes a lot of time and money to build. This is time and money that could be going to something more important. In the case of the U.S. and Canada, a wall as long as that border would cost at least $60-billion dollars, and would be almost as long as the Great Wall of China. The US-Canada border is one of the most peaceful and stable international borders, and has been throughout history. The fact of US-Canada relations being as excellent as they are is what makes the very idea of a wall between the United States and Canada completely ridiculous.

One supporter of Donald Trump claimed that his reason for thinking that a US-Canadian border would be a good idea was because the illegal immigrants who would not be able to come to the U.S. from Mexico would simply come from Canada instead, which is not the most valid claim, seeing as no illegal immigrant would want to swim up the length of the United States from Mexico only to cross the border in Canada.

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