VIDEO: These Poor Animals Were Found On The Verge Of Death. Weeks Later, WOW!

There are animals that are found every day starving and neglected. Some people do something about it, and some people ignore the situation. Some animals will find those of a different species to care for if they see that they are abandoned.

The group of animals that was recently found neglected seems to be out of a movie. A lion, tiger and bear were found in the basement of a drug dealer. Officers raided the home to arrest the man, and they found the animals.

These animals were more or less abandoned. All of the animals now have names. When they were found in the basement, they had no food and were on the brink of death from starvation. They also had several bacterial infections. An animal rescue organization decided to take in the animals to care for them. The animals have been nursed back to health, and they are all still friends with each other.

They play with each other and show more of an emotional bond than some other animals. This might be because they had to live in the conditions they were in together. There are pictures on Facebook of the friends together. They have been in an environment where they have plenty of room to play and be happy.

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