4 Little Irish Dancers Walk Onstage – And They Bust Out Moves That Are SURE To Surprise You.

Little Big Shots is a new NBC show hosted by Steve Harvey that stars talented young kids that can amaze anyone. All sorts of children from dancers and singers to math geniuses and viral stars have shown their talents to millions of viewers on TV. These children go to show that with hard work and dedication, you can excel no matter your age.

In one of the latest episodes, a group of four children from the Cleary Irish Dance group in Los Angeles came to showcase their Irish dance skills and try to teach Steve Harvey a few moves. With the youngest being only eight years old, the group consisted of one boy, Jonathan, and three girls, Grace, Jessie, and Phoebe.

Once the kids had introduced themselves and shared a bit about their story, Steve asked the young group to teach him a few beginner moves. Jonathan volunteered to walk him through two beginner dance steps. Steve did his best to copy the young boy, but his efforts left the four children giggling.

After giving up on his own attempts to Irish dance, Steve Harvey stepped aside and let the group take to the stage for their dance. The performance that followed stunned the host and the audience with the kids’ synchronized fast feet and skilled jumps. They proved to be yet another example that you are never too young to excel when you work hard with determination.

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