4 Bikers Stand Guard Outside This Child’s Window – Watch Them As They Turn Around…

Many people have preconceived notions about others based on how they look. They judge the “book” based solely on its “cover”, so to speak but when people see these bikers they couldn’t be more wrong. There is an international group called the Bikers Against Child Abuse International (BACA) who exist with the sole purpose to protect and create a safe environment for children who have been abused. BACA want to help these children feel less afraid in a world that has taught them fear.

Four members of BACA- Doc P, Badd Bob, Hammer, and Blade- discuss what it is like being in BACA and what the organization does to protect children who have been abused. Each child that is chosen by BACA becomes an honorary member of the gang. The first ritual that the new member will go through is the teddy bear ceremony.

The child will be presented with a teddy bear, but first each biker present will hug the teddy bear in order to fill it with love and courage if the child needs any. The members of BACA will pick up the child from their school or bus stop on their motorcycles, take them home, and even hang around outside of their home until they are feeling safe. BACA members have been known to attend court hearings with their child as well to give them a feeling of comfort.

What these bikers are doing for the victims of child abuse is phenomenal. It goes to show others as well that you should never judge a person based on what they look like. You never know- that biker down the street may just have a heart of gold!

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