VIDEO: His Wife, Her Mother Died, But What This Dad Did Next…HEART BREAKING

BEN’S STRONG HEART FORCES HIM TO PUT THE PAST BEHIND HIM About 3 years back, a man named Ben Nunery lost is wife. Both he and his daughter lost Ali to something known as terminal cancer. Upon the tragic death Ben decided to sell the home.

This is home that Ben and Lai built from day one. This house marked the beginning of Ben and Ali’s union together. It was the first and only home their daughter, Olivia, had ever really known. Olivia remarked about the courage and strength of her mother from day one.

“I can’t image the day I’d end up losing my mom. She is strong and sweet, not to mention one of the best friends I have ever known.” What caused Ben to want to sell the house, considering how much he loved it? Ben decided it was best for him and Olivia to start life over again, without Ali. Ben remarked in his blog about how holding onto the house is like holding onto the past.

“If I hold onto the house, it’s like saying that Ali is coming home. Ali has died and it’s best for Olivia and I to begin a new life without her.” As part of the moving on, Ben took photos of him and Olivia for the wall. It was his way of paying tribute to his daughter and his late wife Ali.

Losing Ali was painful for Ben. What would have made it more painful was if he made the choice to live in the past. This way he’s able to share these memories with his daughter through pictures and start over at the same time.

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