VIDEO: This Elderly Couple Took The Dance Floor Then Did This And Left Everyone In Awe

Restaurant goers sit in a dimly lit restaurant with a glistening dance floor. The floor beckons for some lively feet to dance across it. The music starts to play. Several couples make their way to the dance floor. The camera’s compelled to focus on one couple who is out dancing everyone else.

They’re swift and creative. They’re doing stunts and tricks. It’s like they’re from a fifties time machine. But take a closer look. You would think that these two stunning dancers are in their twenties. No, they’re senior citizens and they’re the best couple of dance floor.

This golden couple knows what they’re doing. The mature gentleman is turning his venerable wife like she was a ballerina. They both are flitting about with energy and skill. You can see the joy on their faces as they continue to set the dance floor ablaze with their amazing dance routine.

They continue to dance for the next five minutes like they were contestants in a dance competition. This wonderful old couple proves that no matter ou age you can still be young at heart while being light on your feet. This oldie but better than goldie couple took over the dance floor, and left everyone in the restaurant impressed and speechless.

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