VIDEO: Obama Just Tied Ronald Reagan For THIS And It Will Be Sure To Piss Of The GOP. GOOD!

The latest poll has Obama tied with Ronald Reagan. This is a great boost for Obama and the country. We need a few more polls like this one. Our country is still in a recession, on the brink of war and basically lost morally.

I find it refreshing to see the people of this great country happy with the direction it is taking. For to long now we have been down because of what’s been happening. High unemployment has been in the news to long.

I’m glad the country is supporting this President in the decisions he is making for the country. The social platform he has created as President has never been more complex and wide reaching. The country can support these kinds of programs as long as the tax base is strong and secure, which means jobs, so people can pay taxes. The minimum wage is going up in many states after the first of the year.

This should create some more taxable income for our Government. As long as we as a country can maintain the standard of living we are used to. Obama will remain high in the polls. As soon as the living standard drops, his poll numbers drop. Same with the social programs that are scheduled to run down after Obama leaves office. The next President is in store for a rocky road. We as a country are having problems maintaining the standard of living we are all used to. The National Deficit can attest to that.

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