VIDEO: I Thought It Was Gross he Added Hot Chocolate To Raw Eggs, But After Seeing Why… WOW!

Hot cocoa can be made by adding milk or water in a cup and stirring in the powder. This is a simple way to make the drink, but there are some hacks that you should keep in mind if you want something a little different. One of the ways that you can make hot cocoa is by using the oven.

It’s a broiled cocoa that has large marshmallows and a lot of chocolate flavor. All you need to do is add the ingredients together, bring them to a boil on the stove, mixing in a splash of Bailey’s for a little kick. Pour the mix in a cup, an broil it in the oven.

Use hot cocoa on your French toast by adding the drink to the egg mixture. Top with powdered sugar. Oreo hot cocoa is another way to get some sweet flavors in the drink. Crush Oreo cookies on top of whipped cream after you put the cream on the hot cocoa.

Use hot cocoa when you make Rice Krispie treats. The cocoa is added before you put the treats in the pan, making them have a chocolate flavor. Add some Bailey’s liquor to a shot glass, take a drink, and follow it with shots of hot cocoa.

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