VIDEO: Historians Agree, Joe Cocker Did This And No One Ever Thought It Was Possible Before HIm

Monday the world of music lost a legend, Joe Crocker– someone whom many have never heard. Or if they had, through a cover, an impersonation or a reference. Never before has such a legend who crossed musical boundaries been so under appreciated in modern times.

Known throughout musical history almost solely for his mannerisms when singing, a la John Belushi’s cover of “Feeling Alright”. Joe Crocker was a musician who brought the blues to mainstream rock. At the time blues was played solely as African American music.

Like many other musical styles with their roots in the great continent of Africa, it came as no surprise blues was taken to the top of the charts by a white man. In the 60’s this spurred a movement, a discussion; in a sense it was how Joe took the music and the rhythms he sang.

Many felt it was an honor to be covered by Joe Crocker, others like Ray Charles felt insulted. In the end, Joe Crocker will be remembered as the man that brought the blues to rock. He’s remembered in his music, exactly the way he wanted to be remembered.

Those who knew him best, knew his music was never an act, it was never to be popular. Joe Crocker sang what he felt, his music was everything to him.

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