VIDEO: I Can’t Believe What My Birds Did As Soon As I Hit The Play Button. HA!

Who showed these two birds to the dance floor? While birds can usually learn to speak with some training, dancing is not usually something we see birds do every day.

Bird lovers everywhere will not be able to turn away from watching two dancing birds in a fun and entertaining video. In the article titled, Bird Dance Off, two bird owners showcase their sophisticated birds with a video dance session. The birds are called Jonathan and Sadie, and they are not afraid of the camera.

The music of Haddaway titled What is Love? begins to play, and a beautiful white bird begins to bop his head to the music. Soon after, the other colorful bird with an orange and green hue begins to bop his head too. Not before long, the white bird starts to get his whole body into the rhythm of the music.

This bird not only moves his head, but his entire body and wings. He must have had a lot of lessons. It is hard to tell if the two birds simply like this song or if they dance to a variety of music. One thing is for sure. They do love to show their moves. Bird lovers will be watching and waiting for their next incredible performance. Source:

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