VIDEO: New Study Reveals Something You’ll Love To Hear About People Who Curse Regularly

We’ve all been there. You stub your toe, jam your finger or find out some bad news in public and all you want to do is yell out the most profane word of choice. It turns out that trusting your instinct is better for health than keeping it all bottled in.

Various studies have now proven that dropping the “F-bomb” is actually good for overall pain management. Psychologist Richard Stephens of Keen University in England confirms that the actual “hypoalgesic effect of swearing” benefits pain levels in the body. Stephens tested 67 college students by having them place their fingers in ice cold water for extended periods of time.

One group was encouraged to swear the other was not. He noted that the group that potty mouths were able to last 40 seconds longer and felt less pain than their counterparts. Post study results prompted Stephens to recommend “if they hurt themselves, to swear.”

The good doctor also noted that swearing brings on feelings of self worth and strength. While it can appear to make you more aggressive it is actually making you more resilient and appear stronger..

He worked along side colleague Amy Zile who proved that intellect and swearing is not a measure of your knowledge. So go against the grain and release your inner sailor the next time you find yourself in a S#*tty situation. It could just save your life.

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