You Will NOT Believe This Terrifying Law That Is Likely Coming To Your State. BE SCARED

You Will NOT Believe This Terrifying Law That Is Likely Coming To Your State. BE SCARED

The Religious Freedom Restoration Act is the hot topic today in Michigan. House Bill 5958 could change the way the state of Michigan does business. This bill will allow Christians who are on the extreme sector to have the freedom to discriminate. This would allow them to commit breaches in the low and in the social mores of the state.

They can refuse service to anyone, deny them employment or housing and do just about anything they want if it interferes with their religious beliefs. Though this bill has caused quite a stir, its full impact isn’t even known at this point.

Then there is the conscience clause, and this is where it goes from scary to terrifying. If a Christian is working in the healthcare industry and doesn’t agree with the medical care being provided, they can object based on their religious beliefs. The medical center would have to send the patient away based on that prejudice. So looking at this objectively, a pharmacist could say that a person was gay and it was against their beliefs, so they don’t have to service them and give them their prescription. First responders and law enforcement has the same issues.

They can refuse to provide any sort of assistance to a person if they are not in agreement with their religious beliefs.

What is the state of Michigan thinking? Having a theocracy is a thing of the past and there are many people who don’t believe in God. Some feel this is infringing upon others rights and there is a strong sense that the law could cause a public outcry if passed. It would mean that African Americans, gays and many other targeted minorities could be discriminated for their very basic necessities.

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