VIDEO: No One Believed Me When I Told Them What This Clam Did So I Setup A Camera To Capture This

Many people have not had the experience of encountering a live clam. They are interesting creatures of the sea that look odd to many of us. However, they are also a popular choice for food. Many people like to eat clams among the other choices that they have from the sea world. This is why one video that has been released on YouTube is getting a lot of talk right now.

The video is of a live clam sitting on a kitchen table. The clam is surrounded by salt all around it. What the clam does is something that surprises a lot of people. The clam starts to lick up the salt that is all around it. At least, this is how it appears on the video. In reality the clam is using its foot on the salt. It appears as though it is a tongue though, and that is why so many people believe that the clam is actually licking up the salt.

This kind of thing makes for an intriguing video of course because it appears as though the clam is making itself more delicious for the person who will eat it. By adding salt to a clam, most are going to enjoy consuming that clam a lot more. It is therefore reasonable to see why many people are fascinated by this video.

However, they should know that what it is doing is using its foot on the salt, and not its tongue.

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