VIDEO: You’ll Feel Sick After You See What She Claims It Means If Your Boyfriend Abuses You

A teen Youtube blogger with hundreds of thousands of followers has created a stir recently by posting a video in support of domestic violence. In her profanity laced vlog, Romina Garcia opines that women should stay with men who abuse them. This is because, according to her, a man shows that he truly cares about a woman when he hits her. Garcia stated that, if a man is willing to risk having charges for domestic abuse issued against him, it shows that he really loves his significant other.

Garcia spoke about her personal experiences in this regard. She claimed that her boyfriend had recently given her a black eye because she had disobeyed an order that he had given her. She then recounted that her boyfriend had taken her out to get new makeup so that she would not be seen in public with a black eye. Garcia stated that the incident was her fault because she shouldn’t have talked back to him.

Garcia’s video has created a negative backlash against her. Many people have been offended by her comments equating abuse with love. Hundreds of comments on Youtube and Facebook have criticized her perspective.

Her video has added to a larger controversy regarding domestic violence in the United States. Nearly five million American women suffer abuse at the hands of a husband or boyfriend each year.

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