VIDEO: I Haven’t Laughed This Hard In Ages. These Five Dads Are Unbelievable!

During a Christmas talent show, a few dads decided to surprise their daughters in a very unlikely, unexpected way. At the end of the show, five dads wearing hilarious, tacky Christmas sweaters walked on stage in single file. What they did next was a shock to nearly everyone attending the event.

When the show’s hostess introduced them, no one could know what would come next. No one would have ever expected these middle-aged guys to break out dancing to a new dubstep version of the ever classic “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy”.

The song is full of unexpected twists to the original song, and the dance moves performed by these fathers are even more impressive. They dance perfectly in synch with a few special moves that almost resemble hand stands. The dance ends with the dads freezing in a special pose as the audience roars with laughter and claps with applause. How could they not clap? Their families, namely their daughters, certainly must have been extremely proud and surprised by their dads.

These dads are formally known as ‘The Christmas Jumpers’. Their song and dance routine is actually a part of a commercial by the United Kingdom supermarket chain, Sainsbury. The sweaters that the fathers wear in the dance are a part of the supermarket’s Christmas clothing line. With a commercial as festive and hilarious as this one is, how could their customers not rush to the store to buy these holiday sweaters?

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