36 Retired Generals And Admirals To Congress: We Support The Iran Deal So Back It Now

36 Retired Generals And Admirals To Congress: We Support The Iran Deal So Back It Now

Despite the continuing controversy surrounding the United States’ pending nuclear deal with Iran, 36 retired military officials signed a letter that urged Congress to support the proposed plan that’s been met with heated opposition by Republicans and some Democrats.

The open letter to Congress was released on August 11 and signed by a number of retired admirals and generals. In urging passage of the deal, the group indicated that no better option existed in dealing with the Iranians.

Opponents of the plan have argued that the deal is based on what they believe is the fact that Iran can’t be trusted. However, the military officials write that the United States’ vast intelligence networks and advanced technology will be able to maintain a close watch on the Iranians. In addition, sanctions are still available should Iran try to evade verification.

The group endorsed what General Martin Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff had said last month when supporting the deal. Dempsey indicated that avoiding the potential for nuclear conflict through diplomacy was better than military intervention.

Indicating that military options weren’t completely off the table, the group stated that it should only be after all diplomatic channels have been exhausted.

Late last month, a number of key supporters also emerged, including several United States ambassadors and Gary Samore, the man who had fought against the deal through his group, United Against Nuclear Iran.

Congress will vote on the plan when they return to work next month.

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