VIDEO: Carrie Underwood Steps On Stage With Her Idol And Left Me Speechless With This Peformance

Nearly five years ago, country singer Carrie Underwood put on a holiday special which featured a guest appearance by legendary singer Dolly Parton. During their brief exchange before performing a duet, Parton spoke about having recently toured in Europe.

She discussed the possibility of doing a movie about her own life. Underwood expressed a hope that perhaps Kristen Chenoweth might do the honors of portraying Parton. Chenoweth has long expressed a desire to collaborate with Parton. It was then that Parton added that perhaps Underwood might be a good fit to portray her if she were to get a larger size bra. Parton is a size DD and Underwood is a size A.

All humor and small talk aside, the two sang a duet to Parton’s song, “I Will Always Love You”. The song itself never amounted to much when Dolly sang originally recorded back in 1973. It wasn’t until the late Whitney Houston recorded it that the song became a global smash hit. In fact, it became Houston’s signature song. The two entertainers harmonized beautifully as they performed the song about forlorn love.

Admittedly, neither had the haunting vocal performance of Houston. Nor did they have the powerful voice to carry the song with the same depth. That said, what they lacked in vocal strength they made up for in heart. Watch the video and see a nicely done rendition of the song. Underwood has shown great versatility as a singer and recently did a live onstage performance of “The Sound of Music”. The production was praised by critics and by Julie Andrews herself.

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