VIDEO: I Had NO Idea You Could Use An Onion For This. Did You? You Have To Try This ASAP!

The incredible uses for food these days! Many common foods and beverages in your kitchen are excellent for cleaning items around your house. These tips are handy, good for the environment and much easier on your pocket book than expensive cleaners.

We will start with the onion. It is excellent for cleaning your grill rungs and it gives the food you cook the next time a yummy onion flavor. Just cut an onion in half and scrub it across the grill rungs. This tip with Coca cola may make you think twice about drinking it, but it works on toilets. To clean the ring inside your toilet bowl, pour about three cups of cola into your toilet.

Let it soak for about 20 minutes and the ring will disappear. Red wine spills on the carpet are common around the holidays. Soak up what you can, pour peroxide over the stain and add a liberal amount of salt. After it dries just vacuum it up! Tablecloths and cloth mats are also vulnerable during the holidays.

If dressing with gravy or the like is dropped on the tablecloth or mat, rub it with a baby wipe and when it dries the stain will be gone. This also works for coffee stains on clothes. Capture is a spray found in the flooring department of Lowe’s. Spray it onto a mopped up vegetable oil stain, sprinkle cornstarch onto the sprayed area, scrub it with a toothbrush and vacuum it up after it dries.

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