VIDEO: This Is Why You Never Judge A Book By It’s Cover. He’s Hiding Something Incredible

In this video we see Rico a Dj/recording artist share his story of how he uses Dermablend foundation to show the world that he is more than his tattoos and body modifications. Rico is a normal guy who feels that his tattoos often misrepresent who he really is to people who don’t know him personally, inside he is the same as any other normal guy walking down the street or waiting behind you at the coffee shop.

Before using Dermablend Rico says he had more personal space and room to himself on the bus because people seemed afraid to be near him, now he has a lot more friends because his skin is more acceptable to the people around him.

Rico feels that as a man that doesn’t judge others based on their appearance, he should be entitled to the same understanding and Dermablend has made that possible even though to Rico his true self is what lies beneath the makeup and it doesn’t wash off.

Rico’s tattoos are a reflection of who he feels he is on the inside. Rico laughs as he reflects on a time that he opened a door for a woman who when out of her way to use another door just to avoid making contact with him because of his extreme tattoos. Regardless of what the outside world may think of Rico he insists that he is proud of his decision to wear his tattoos proudly and encourages others to do the same.

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