Meghan McCain Just Spewed One Of The Dumbest Comments We’ve Ever Heard

Meghan McCain Just Spewed One Of The Dumbest Comments We’ve Ever Heard

This past Wednesday night, Megan McCain appeared on the news show TakePart Live hosted by liberals Jacob Soboroff and Baratunde Thurston. She squared off with Soboroff when she declared that Obamacare is one of the worst things to happen to America in 25 years.

Soboroff took offense at the statement and tried to shift the focus on the rising disparity of wealth between the rich and the poor. At the same time, Soboroff defended the Affordable Care Act on the basis of its intention to give health insurance to millions of uninsured. Curiously, Soboroff did not care that the law was enacted on a foundation of lies and lack of transparency.

This is likely because he believes the ends justify the means. He bristled when McCain said Howard Dean was right to call the architects of the law elitists. Soboroff found the charge of Obamacare architects being elitists as ridiculous despite the fact that the architects exploited voter stupidity and an ability to disguise the true nature of the law. Again, he said that since the law was designed to help the poor, which is all that should matter. For her part, McCain was no less dogged. She cited the laws unpopularity with voters.

At this point, the ACA has caused the nation to shift to the political right. 31 governorships are in control of the GOP. 23 states now have full GOP control of the governor’s house and both houses of the legislatures. The GOP House and Senate majorities are the largest since 1942. It is a reflection of how the voters responded to being lied to by the Affordable Care Act’s supporters IE the Democrat Party.

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