VIDEO: When I Found Out Why She Was Crying I Couldn’t Believe It. OMG! TOO CUTE

We thought only women cry during love stories but this toddler proves us wrong! While watching a movie in the car, the toddler starts to get sad watching it. Her lip begins to tremble and you can see the sadness in her eyes.

This keeps going throughout the entire show and then she even starts wiping the tears from her eyes and holding her stuffed animals extremely tight. At the end, she starts to really get sad and full on cries because the penguin found her mom! What is so heart warming is that this was not a toddler crying for normal reasons including she is hungry, tired, etc.

She had really been drawn into what she was watching and was showing real emotion for the characters in the show. She was not just watching to watch like many toddlers. She actually felt very mature emotion during the show. This displays that this toddler is very mature for her age and is already comprehensively relating to emotion from other’s feelings.

While on this drive, the toddler’s father noticed this remarkable display and caught it on camera. He will forever cherish this moment and feel very proud for his daughter’s empathy. It was so sweet.

You could almost cry, just while watching the poor girl break down for this show. It is safe to say that she will be a very compassionate person as she grows older since she already is at this age. This was an adorable display of affection!

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