VIDEO: I Don’t Have Words For What This Mother Did While Not Aware She Was Being Filmed

There are advantages to having cameras in a home. A stepmother was recently caught on camera as she beat a toddler because she wet herself. The mother hit the child at least 87 times. This is something that is uncalled for no matter what a child does.

The child is kicked and punched in the face by someone who she thinks cares about her and loves her. As the video starts, the woman hits the back of the girl’s leg with a stick. She yells at the girl through the entire video.

The heartbreaking thing about the video is that the young girl is screaming and crying, trying to get the stepmother to stop beating her, but the woman only continues to hit her repeatedly. Fortunately, after the video was seen, officers were able to arrest the woman.

If someone was behind the camera recording the incident, then why didn’t that person do anything to help the little girl. It’s possible that the camera was stationary, and the woman happened to be in the right place as she was recorded.

There are some people in the world who have no feelings, and a woman who can do this to a defenseless toddler is one of those people.

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