30 Minutes After Marine Father Dies, Baby is Born. What They do, so TOUCHING!

Shane Kelion is a former marine who was killed during battle. He died on November 15,2004. This happened to be the same day that his son was born. Thirty minutes after Shane took his last breath, his wife gave birth to their son. The son’s name is Shane, Jr. Shane’s wife, April, made a promise that she would do everything that she could to keep her husband’s memory alive.

She stated that she wanted her son to know what a wonderful man his father was. Shane, Jr. is now 11, and he says that his father is his idol. He stated that thinking about his father sometimes makes him sad. However, he stated that he tries to dwell on the good things.

Shane, Jr. was recently able to have the closest thing to a real conversation to his father. The day before Shane was deployed, he was recorded reading stories to his unborn son. He also talks to his unborn son during the video.

He apologized about being able to be there for his son’s birth. He stated that he was going to see his son the following April or May. Additionally, Shane tells his unborn son that he loves him.

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