3 Old Men Grab Their Butts And Line Up. They’ve Got A Surprise For The Audience!

There is a dance group called “The Awesome Threesome” that is made up of three men who are all in their 70s. However, their age does not stop them from putting on an amazing show. They recently wowed a crowd when they did a performance to honor the late Michael Jackson. They danced to “Billie Jean.”

The video of the men dancing to “Billie Jean” has been put online. At the beginning of the video, the men are walking out with their hands on their butts. After that, they lift their hands and begin dancing. They do an amazing job of mimicking Michael Jackson’s dance moves.

These men prove that you do not have to let your age slow you down. While many people would say that they are too old to dance like that, these men were busy practicing and choreographing their own dance moves. This video also shows that you do not have to stop having fun because you are older.

The video of the men’s performance has received over 10 million views on YouTube. Many people are inspired by “The Awesome Threesome.” They are also amazed that the men can still put on an amazing dance performance.

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