His Parents Went Through A Divorce, How He Reacts Will Leave You Stunned. WOW!

So often we only focus on the husband and wife in a divorce and we try to keep quiet, or tell our children what we want them to hear. We easily forget that a divorce affects an entire family. No one will ever be the same due to that divorce. No one’s lives, security, faith and relationships in love will ever be the same because of that divorce.

A strong young boy, after finding out about his parents getting a divorce decided to step up for all children of divorced parents. He wrote a letter to his parents and video tapped himself reading it to them.

He says some powerful words. He not only tells how he feels, but he says how they have hurt him specifically, how they have let him down and what a difference this is making in his life.

He has a lot of strength when he says “Please don’t assume I’m resilient. I’m a human being just like you. I have needs just like yours”. I hope that this boy’s parents listen hard to his message. If you are going through tough times in your marriage, remember divorce affects the entire family.

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