VIDEO: Foxnews Guest Claims Humans Marrying Dogs Will Be A Result Of Gay Marriage

A Fox News Contributor had an interesting take on Gay Marriage when he stated that same-sex unions blur the lines of marriage and this moral occlusion would open the door to people marrying animals. The person making the remark was Todd Starnes who appeared on the Daystar Program “Joni” to explain that the redefinition of marriage creates an “anything goes” attitude that would tolerate any form of a marital relationship. Starnes’ position is that once the line defining marriage is moved because of a perceived discrimination, that same line can be moved again for another perceived discrimination.

Interestingly enough, the argument is similar to what Associate Justice Antonin Scalia wrote in the dissent to the 2003 Supreme Court ruling called “Lawrence vs Texas” which overturned Sodomy laws. In his dissent, Scalia noted that if the Supreme Court would not uphold laws governing moral choices, state laws prohibiting same-sex marriage, incest, prostitution, bestiality, etc. would not hold up in court. His words have been proven true as the Left immediately began a successful push to legalize gay marriage.

Admittedly, Starnes was less articulate than Scalia, and his words exhibited a provincial mindset. Scalia’s response wasn’t rooted in any bias against homosexuals. Rather, it exhibited the neutrality that court should maintain in regards to States making moral choices.

He criticized the other justices for siding with the homosexual agenda on a judicial basis precisely because it forfeited the high court’s objectivity. At any rate, both sides have their provincially minded supporters. Back in 2004, actress Cameron Diaz stated that women should show up and vote against George W. Bush unless they thought that “rape should be legal”.

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