VIDEO: This Autistic Child Was About To Go Home But What Had His Jaw Drop Has Me Crying

It was just another routine day of elementary school for one young autistic boy. Some reading and math, a regular old boring lunch, and then hopefully a nice enough day for recess outside. When the final bell rang that afternoon, this little boy was in for anything but the ordinary dismissal procedures!

He was walking down the nearly abandoned hallway, expecting to see his mother waiting near the office or in the circle outside. With the decidedly slow gait of an average elementary school student, he looked at the floor as he made his way through the corridor. When he finally reached the end, he was shocked at his amazing discovery. Today was indeed special, because it was not just his mother that was there to greet him.

This young boy was greeted on this wonderful day by his mother and his father, whom he had not seen for far too long. After an elongated deployment this father, who serves in the United States Armed Forces, rushed to his son in a touching embrace.

The little boy, obviously shocked, surprised, and elated was speechless for several seconds. Fighting back tears, he finally muttered how much he missed his father and they hugged again before leaving the school. This is truly one surprise that every child would welcome at school.

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